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Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Property on Paper for Institutions and Private Clients

Vintage Leather Company Poster
Historic posters are popular collectable items. This colorful chromo-lithograph created for a leather manufacturing company had become brittle, with numerous water stains, edge tears and losses affecting the image area. The poster's wooden frame had  produced off-gassing which resulted in brown staining of the paper. Previous attempts to mend many of the tears were made with damaging Scotch tape. Exposure to humidity, light and temperature fluctuations caused the non-archival adhesives to break down, change color and to seep into the paper fibers, ultimately staining the item the tape was meant to repair. 

Preservation Process
Carrabba Conservation cleaned the surface of the poster, removed the damaging tapes with care and tested the inks. The poster was then washed in a chemical bath to reduce staining and thoroughly rinsed. The lab then alkalized and sized the work in order to stabilize the paper and make it supple. Tears and creases were mended and reinforced with archival quality tissue and wheat starch paste. Losses were filled and minimally inpainted to visually complete the image. The poster was flattened and returned to the client for framing. 

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