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Mary, Joseph and Jesus 
This chromolithograph poster was brought to the lab after being rescued from a demolished church. The poster was of great emotional value to the owner and she wanted it conserved without regard to cost. The water- damaged poster had become rippled and mold growth and soil marred the surface. The back of the poster was held together with non-archival tape placed in multiple sections. 

Preservation Process
The deteriorating Scotch and brown packing tape was carefully removed from the work by hand. Carrabba Conservation cleaned the surface of this work with brushes, soot sponges, erasers and cotton swabs until the image was unobstructed by dust and debris. The work was then lightly humidified and flattened. Due to the fragile nature of the material, the poster required solid support. It was fully mounted to a similarly colored rag board and finally returned to its beautiful ornate frame.

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