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Is my piece a good candidate for conservation treatment?

Conservation treatment is an investment in the longevity of your piece.  Carrabba Conservation cannot determine if your item is worthy of treatment.  To spend more on the conservation treatment of an object than its worth is inadvisable, except if the artifact has significant sentimental or historical value.  Knowing the artifact's market value will help you to make informed treatment decisions. For items of obvious value, such as noted artist, or items of historical significance, it is always wise to undergo stabilization efforts to maintain or improve the condition of the piece.


What services do you provide?  What types of items do you treat?

Carrabba Conservation provides conservation treatment for fine art, maps and archives on paper. We do not authenticate, appraise, date, or attribute historic or artistic works.  We do not provide new framing, or digital scanning, but work closely with third party companies that provide these services.


Items we do not work on include: photographs, books, oil paintings, crayon portraits, posters, and three dimensional paper objects. To find other conservators to assist with these items, please visit the Harry Ransom Center's Private Conservator Directory at http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/conservation/resources/directory/.


Should I get my piece appraised before conservation treatments?  Do conservation treatments raise the value of my piece? 

It makes economic sense to have an idea of value. The client will be asked to determine the insurance value of the item we are holding at our facility. If you need assistance finding an appraiser please visit the American Society of Appraisers at http://www.appraisers.org/ or International Society of Appraisers at https://www.isa-appraisers.org/.

Treatment improves condition, maintaining value of your piece, but Carrabba Conservation is not in a position to state that treatment officially raises the value. We would suggest getting a reappraisal after treatment, as values can only be determined by a licensed appraiser.

Do you have a preferred framer you can recommend?

There are quality archival framers in every city, and we suggest using the Professional Picture Framers Association website at http://www.pmai.org/ppfa/ to locate one. NOTE: Not all framers are members, and we recommend calling local framers and discussing the details of your piece to determine the best options.  For more information when framing your piece, click here.


How do I make an appointment for a consultation?

Please fill out and return our New Client form click here.  Return with several images of your piece including: front/back/signatures/damage/frame. Place pencil in photograph.  Someone from our office will contact you.


How will I be kept informed regarding treatment?

After your consultation, a report and estimate will be prepared and emailed to you. Upon approval, you will be given a time frame and kept informed while it is here. Treatment schedules run between three to six months for completion.  Government and Museum contracts have the highest lab priority and sometimes jump to the head of the schedule.




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